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Starting Again

So here we are again.  It's been a few years and much has changed in my world.  It's turned upside down, sideways, diagonal, inverse....  My creativity was feeling suffocated.  My blog felt fake and insincere.  Life wasn't the same anymore and so I decided to let the old blog go.  That was 

What has happened in the past few years?  A loss of a marriage and the extended family that came with it, a move to a new place with my boys, adjustment for all of us, a parent diagnosed with a terminal illness which ultimately led to the end of my mother's life. 

I have sat and contemplated for far too long of whether or not to revive the blog.  And if I do, what would it be?  All I could come up with is it being eclectic, like me.  The true Gemini, wanting to have their hands in all the pots, doing all the different tasks that spark their interest.  Never wanting to commit er... limit themselves to just one thing. 

I like to make stuff.
I like to bake stuff.
I get cal…

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